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This post will explain to you the review process in an OpenCart store. A review is essentially a field where a customer can enter feedback about their experience with a product and give it a rating of either bad or good. Other customers will be able to see these comments, on the product pages of an OpenCart store. If you do not want to allow your customers to write reviews for your products, there is a way that you can disable reviews in your OpenCart Administration panel.


You can enable and disable reviews by going to your Store under the System menu item in your OpenCart administration panel.

To get there Sign in to your OpenCart Administration panel Hover over the “System” menu item and select “Settings” Choose the store you want to enable/disable reviews for and click on the “Edit” link You will now be in the store settings panel. Click on the “Option” tab. You’ll be able to see a field named “Allow Reviews” and there will be some informational text explaining “Enable/Disable new review entry and display of existing reviews.” You can set this option to either “Yes” or “No.” Sending it to “Yes” enables reviews.

Click “Save” to save your settings. Once this happens, a “Reviews” section should appear on your product pages showing the various reviews that customers have entered for the product. How these reviews are displayed depends on the current theme being used for your store, but it will often appear as a “Reviews” tab in a tab box below the main product information. This is how the default theme displays reviews.

When a customer enters a review, selects a rating and submits it, the review will not be immediately visible in the product web page. Why? It is because it still has to be verified by the OpenCart administrator in the OpenCart administration panel before it gets displayed. This gives you some control over filtering out any content that you don’t want said in a review (e.g. profanity, offensive content, etc.)


To edit reviews…

Sign in to your OpenCart Administration panel Hover over the “Catalog” menu item and select “Reviews” You’ll see a listing of all the different reviews as well as the product that the review was entered for. 

To enable a review (i.e. make it visible on the product page) simply click on the “Edit” link and set the “Status” field to “Enabled.”

The review will now be visible in your OpenCart store on the product’s page for that particular product.When a user enters a review, he/she can enter a rating from 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. OpenCart will take the average of all the ratings and display it (usually in the form of stars).

Here is wishing you many 5 star rated products in your OpenCart store.Source:

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