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Reward Points

Reward points in MijoShop are points that certain customers get when they buy products at your store. They can then redeem (portion or all of) these points in purchasing additional products. 

Choosing a Reward Points System.

First, a quick word about the reward points system for administrators. A commonly asked question by administrators is, “What number of points should I give for each product?” The numbers that you pick for the reward points are completely arbitrary. The scale has no real meaning to it.

It really only comes down to what you want to make up for your store. If you make the amount of reward points that you get awarded for buying a particular product 1, 100, 1,000 or 100,000, it will be balanced out by the number of reward points that you set as a requirement to purchase particular products.

Simply do what is right for you when it comes to a rewards points system. Make up whatever numbers you want. I recommend keeping the numbers in the hundreds, just to keep things simple. So this would be something like awarding customers anywhere from 20 – 50 reward points for products purchased and then having products available for around 500 reward points. 

Adding Reward Points to Products For the MijoShop administrator, it’s fairly straightforward to add reward points for a particular product. 

To add/edit reward points for a product…

Go to MijoShop from your Joomla back-end.

Hover over the “Catalog” menu item and select “Products”

To add a new product, click the “Insert” button at the top of the page or your can click the “Edit” link to edit an existing product.

Click on the “Reward Points” tab once in the product’s admin section.

At the top there will be a location where you can enter the number of points needed to buy the product. You can set this to whatever numerical value works for your own reward points system as explained in the section above.

Below this you will have places to enter the number of reward points that certain customer groups will get when they purchase this product. So you can give more reward points to one customer groups and less to another. The choice is really up to you.

Confirming Reward Points

In order for your customers to actually see the reward points in their accounts, you have to confirm the reward points in the order section of the administration panel. You do this by clicking on a particular order and selecting the add reward points link in the order when you’re processing it.

Sometimes you might have to refresh the page to see that your rewards points have been added. You will be able to tell that reward points have been added if the text in the link changes from “Add Reward points” to “Remove Reward Points.”Once you click on this link and presumably finish processing the order, your customers will be able to see the reward points they have in their account section.

More information on how customers interact with reward points can be found in the next section.

How Customers Use Reward Points

If you are a customer and you have purchased a product that has reward points you can see these reward points added in your account section under “your reward points.” However you may not see these right away immediately after you make a purchase because the store administrator has to actually confirm/validate your reward points in the admin panel themselves. See the Confirming Reward Points section for details.The customer can redeem the points in the Shopping Cart page, after adding products to the cart.

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