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Customer Groups, Discounts, & Specials

What is the difference between discounts and specials in MijoShop? They seem kind of like the same thing.

Why the distinction?

The difference here lies in the quantity (though they are also often related to a specific customer group).

A good example of this is what would happen for a “Wholesale” customer group. A lot of times, because wholesalers will buy in bulk, stores will give these wholesalers a discount when they buy up to a certain quantity. Note that the wholesale customer group is included with the default install of an MijoShop store when you first set it up.

A special is essentially a sale.

You put a particular product on sale for a certain amount of time. It’s a good idea to advertise this sale on you website via the homepage banner rotator or the “Specials” module.

To put a user in specific customer group (such as a “Wholesale” group), you will want to do this manually in the MijoShop administration panel once you have worked out an agreement with them.

When a user first creates an account at your store, he or she will be added to the “Default” customer group. Adding a User to a Different Customer Group Below are the steps that you can take to put a certain user in a customer group…

Go to MijoShop from Joomla back-end. Hover over the “Sales” menu item, hover over the “Customers” menu item and click “Customer Groups” Add a new Customer group by clicking the “Insert” button at the top of the page.

Note that the “Wholesale” customer group is already created for you in the default installation of an MijoShop store.

After your Customer Group has been created, hover over the “Sales” menu item, hover over the “customers” menu item and click “Customers.”

Find the customer who you are going to put into the new customer group and click “Edit.”

In the “General” tab, find the “Customer Group” option.

Choose the customer group you want to add the user to and click “Save.”

Remember that you need to do this manually. After all, you don’t want every customer who signs up through your store to have the ability to add themselves to any customer group that they wish. 

Discounts & Specials

To set discounts and specials for a specific product, you need to go to the admin section for the specific product in the OpenCart administration panel and go to the “Discount” tab or “Specials” tab. 

Go to MijoShop from Joomla back-end. Hover over the “Catalog” menu item and select “Products.”

Choose a certain product and select “Edit.”

You should be able to see the “Discount” and “Special” tabs.

If you go to the “Discount” tab, you can set the discount that a specific customer group can get if they buy up to a certain quantity, the quantity the user must buy to get the discount, and the time frame for when that discount is available.

If you go to the “Special” tab for a product, you can set the sale price for a specific customer group and the time frame for when that item is on sale. It takes a little bit of practice, but you can move merchandise by using targeted advertisements announcing your discounts and specials to incentiveize your customers to buy!

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